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it is just trying to stabilize. let's look at two quick little things right here. we have the amounts of rain since it began the 9 inches. arlington, at 8.87, gaithersburg 8.73. and those, believe it or not are the low numbers. yes, the low numbers. showers are a possibility but listen the pattern is changing. we have much better weather news. >> alright. looking good. better. now let's look at what has been left behind. in fairfax county, three people died there. a man died in the great falls area. another in the franconia area, and a 12-year-old boy. that is where we find suzanne kennedy tonight.
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what can you tell us? >> within the last half-hour we'll seen the first of what is likely to be many bouquets and mementos placed along the creek here in lawyers road in vienna. the community is in a state of shock. >> this plain wooden cross marks the place for a 12-year-old boy's life came to an end. he was out yesterday with friends. the massively rising water swept him away. today, a neighbor was bringing be grieving the family a handmade cards as she grieved the loss of her friend. >> he was one of the nicest boy is i probably ever met. it is really hard to think. i am still in shock right now.
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he is definitely in heaven. >> the young boy attended dominion christian school and went to church at a presbyterian church. he was a boy scout who only wanted to play with friends in the rain. an eyewitness said the creek that donaldson new welt rose quickly from his ankles to his shoulders, and then he was gone. >> the water levels just increased in seconds. it did not take long for there to be a lot of water. it is so tragic for anyone, but especially a child. >> and we are told by a pastor at the vienna presbyterian church that jack's memorial service is scheduled for 2:00 monday afternoon. abc7 news. >> now let's go to alexandria,
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which can be prone to flooding, as you know. the water did not rise until late in the game. we are hearing from college students to work caught with nowhere to go. panel -- pamela brown has the exclusive story. >> the water was not stopping. it was raising and going up and up, nonstop. >> the university professor watched with horror as floodwaters rose dangerously close to our second floor classroom. >> it was like a scene from the titanic. >> it was three hours before rescue crews could help them. >> [unintelligible] >> in the aftermath students and faculty are relieved that the only damage done was to these cars. >> there was floating in drifting down the stream. >> it was on somebody steps.
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>> three cars were pinned against the wall. >> these marriott hotel customers watched as the destructive diller's -- deluge swept the creek bed. >> it was like a river. >> it is the second time this has happened in three years. >> i could see it like raging rapids. i was like, wow. they should have canceled class. they should have canceled class. >> that was pamela brown. students have not been told whether they will be reimbursed for having to stay somewhere overnight. >> today, we have home video from alexandria. take a look at this. the basement flooded within just
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a matter of minutes. now the cleanup is underway. fairfax county deputies -- deal is live with the cleanup efforts under way in fairfax county. >> they are cleaning up home after home, family after family. they are trying to get electricity back to the neighborhood that has suffered so much from floodwaters in the past. more than 24 hours after floodwaters slammed into this home he uses a flashlight to see the damage. he struggles like many to avoid the flash flooding, including carrying his 87-year-old parents to say he. his sister is furious this has happened twice in five years. >> it is not necessary. you know.
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we do not understand why it happened how it happened. >> the video shows 5 inches of rain in three hours. it filled basements in dozens of homes, in some cases reaching the first floor. >> her husband carries out ruined furniture. >> how much have you lost? >> i do not know. >> authorities are going door- to-door to 160 homes in this community. gas and electricity is turned off for now. this couple's home is unsafe for occupancy data and they want the county to take action. >> we need to be safe in our homes. >> sharon knows that was not because. >> that is not something i would condone in any of my colleagues. >> this group is angry and they
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want answers and assistance. there will be a meeting tomorrow at 6:00. what is going to happen? how are they going to get something done immediately? and what is the plan before this neighborhood in the future? reporting live, fairfax county, abc7 is. >> thank you gail. let's go to maryland, which was one of the first places to be nobody flooding, from prince george's county to charles county. the waters are finally going down. the county bureau chief is live with an update for as. brad how does it look today? >> it looks a lot better. the sun is out. if you look across the street here, this was flooded all the way to the gutters on the first floor. you can see the water is down. this community is buzzing with the sounds of generators, pumps
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fans. people have a lot of work to do. >> yesterday, images of offloaded ford explorer -- images of all flooded toward explorer -- a flooded ford explorer made national news. almost all of those shiny new cars are flooded out. >> we will not sell any vehicle that appears to be flooded. >> is the same in the shopping center behind the dealership on route 3 a 1. this pickup truck got soaked. >> there is two feet of water in their. >> joe was mopping up instead of stacking subs. >> it is bad enough when you lose business. >> for the first time in its history, this building was applauded. the water street bridge is still
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under water, and so is north down route 4. it is a massive washout of the southbound 301 lanes. traffic is being detoured to the northbound lane, but it least is getting through. which is more than at this commuter can say about her tend to drive through the albemarle pike yesterday morning. that is her car emerging from the receding flood. >> i could not get the keys out, the doors open. i thought i was going to die. >> if you are wondering how she came to be in such a predicament, apparently she was the first one to come through this road when the water was rising at a rate of two feet an hour. she had to hold on to assign to keep from washing away. tonight the order of the day is cleaning up. you can see the shop vac back their. people are making decisions about whether they want to
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reopen. in upper albemarle abc7 is. >> thank you. we continue our flooding coverage broader 90 minutes of news tonight. a major dam was forced to open leaving several towns along its path in danger. we will have a live report in just a bit. you can get all the latest updates on flooding, road closures, and other import information on the homepage of when we continue tonight, we're not the only ones dealing with fears floodwaters. coming up, comparing it be damage to the aftermath of another historic storm. >> we need to find another way to talk before we kill some innocent person. they need a sacrificial lamb. >> and we are hours away from
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the 10th anniversary of 9/11. >> and we have new information about the security plans this everybody
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information on the terror threat said to america. >> police presence has been stepped up in the washington area. there is still no information out there about the threat, but the question is are people worried? natasha, what are you finding? >> i want to tell you that the d.c. police say they are working right now and throughout the week, they have been getting ready for this big weekend. officers are working 12-hour shifts. that is longer than their average shift. driving a car or taking a bus. that is the only way glenn johnson will go to work or get around the city from fort washington. he refuses to take the metro. >> you never know when they are going to strike. >> 10 years since 9/11, coupled
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with the new al-qaeda terror threat against the u.s. it is enough to change johnson's livestock. >> , any time said you taken the matter since the attack? -- how many times have you taken the metro since the attack? >> about a dozen times. >> in 10 years? >> yes. >> that must be quite hard in this city. >> quite hard. >> it is hard to not let fears of another attack rule what she does, but she admits she will be taken -- she will be staying away from big events in this city this weekend. >> [unintelligible] she is thinking we should stay home all weekend. i kind of do not want to. >> officers will be in plainclothes and uniformed on trains and buses. trained dogs will detect any
5:16 pm
possible dangers. >> this is a tool we utilize to throw off the unpredictability of someone wanting to cause harm in our system. >> metro saying they have received no immediate threat to our rail system this weekend. live in d.c., natasha barrett abc7 news. firefighters are slowly beginning to contain the deadly wildfires in texas. the magnolia fire is 60% contained. at least four people have died. barack obama called governor rick perry to pledge more government aid and fire assistance. and the neighbors to our north are dealing with some of the highest water levels in decades. we of video from pennsylvania. -- we have video from pennsylvania. tens of thousands have evacuate. in some places, the flooding has
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exceeded records set by hurricane agnes back in 1972. >> an historical event. i am telling you. >> yes. i lived in washington in 1972 and i remember hurricane agnes. >> finally some sunshine today. >> yes absolutely. all of a sudden, you look up and it looks good. you look down, you see some of the flooding. here is something we have not seen in a while. looked at that. clear skies and sunshine. folks at the beach are happy they are not soaked in rain and low clouds. all across the area, i think we are finished with the system, but not with the aftereffects. some of the rain today -- like reston picked up 0.8 inches of rain. over 8 inches of rain in indian
5:18 pm
head county. look closely at this image. what it is is a doppler radar estimation of how much rain has fallen since 1:00 monday afternoon, a 11:00 this morning. this is south central charles county into the south republic, the northern neck of virginia. this is estimated 15 inches of rain. 10 to 12 inches of rain in the eastern suburbs un -- eastern suburbs. those are the ones under flood warnings now. this is just in those areas. meanwhile, all areas still subjected to river flooding because of the rising. all the rain the vestiges of the system are moving into pennsylvania. that is good news. temperatures are warming up. low 80's run the area. 80 degrees in quantico.
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you see the satellite picture. we're seeing the tail end of the storm moved out of the picture. the weekend is not going to be perfect. we will have sunshine for a while tamara. then sunday, midday, we will have a lot more cloudiness. some clouds. it will be warm, muggy, and with that and of instability for late date showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and sunday afternoon, maybe monday afternoon. that is a summary weather pattern, but nothing like the last few days. 80 degrees at midday, partly cloudy. then it will be 84 for high temperatures. 84 for a high for the next few days. just a chance of showers as we had through the day to monday and tuesday. look at this cool weather moving into the end of the week. as always --
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click on the blue tab. we have new stuff every day. we have an incredibly detailed, long blog. bob is updating this now. check out. >> ok, good. time to give away our "pan- am" facebook prize. >> we've been talking about this all week. it includes tickets to the premier of the new abc show "pan-am." and here is our winner. congratulations to you gayle. >> popular now. and next week -- we have the grade grocery giveaway. you can enter beginning tomorrow on our facebook page.
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tell your friends, and maybe they will invite you over for dinner. >> you can help, right? get ready to see the best, or maybe the worst on abc prime- time. >> ♪ you are simply the best better than all the rest ♪ >> not everyone can be tina turner but they can try. that is "karaoke battle." also on tonight's "shark tank," and then join us for the news at eleven o'clock. >> the real one. we continue with our team coverage. a dam was forced to open up and let the water just go. >> and we hear about how
5:22 pm
president bush was meeting when the september 11 attacks happened. >> the students from lucky
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>> and we are back now with an emotional day a local elementary school. >> today they remembered
5:25 pm
students, a teacher, and two parents who lost their lives at the pentagon. we're joined from southwest with more on today's ceremony and the memories 10 years later. sam? >> leon, this was the ceremony to remember that these it teachers and staffers who left dulles airport but never made it because the terrorist crashed into the pentagon. here, near the river, they felt the jolt of the pentagon explosion. they were d.c. kids and teachers like these gathered to remember that day 10 years ago. >> my computer crashed. the whole building shake -- you saw the whole building shake. >> d.c. students and teachers went on a national geographic field trip to san francisco.
5:26 pm
>> i just remember the joy and happiness and the dedication of the teachers, the excitement to take the students on this experience. >> ♪ hang on, hang on ♪ >> the acquired left many in tears as they -- the choir left many in tears as they sang a popular song. >> i saw her two children. it just -- it took my heart away because i knew she worked at the pentagon. >> a lot of family members avoided the ceremony, but courtney treasures her memories. >> every christmas timeout we got mountain bikes. he was writing down the hill,
5:27 pm
and "i want to go, too." he was my best friend. >> students and teachers were also victims and they were remembered today. none of their families attended. the mayor led by e.m. planting a tree in memory of all those victims. reporting live, standiford, abc7 news. >> wow, thank you, sam. ground zero prepares for an emotional sunday. >> the flood waters take out the only entrance to a subdivision and the guard rail
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>> you are watching abc7 news at 5:00, on your side. >> we continue with more incredible images of the aftermath. >> look at this. this is on yen from a abc7 technician and our friend mike jones,. -- and our friend mike jones. this is an incredible sinkhole. this is an example of the damage left behind. >> that is more than a sinkhole. that is the entire road that is gone. doug hill is standing by in the
5:31 pm
weather center. no doubt folks are going to want to get out and see more sites like this. >> sorry for the delay here. i wanted to give you the very latest information. is all good news i am bringing to you right now. let's start with the storm watch, storm stan. the shows clearly the last batch of rain associated with the rain falls from the monsoon pattern has moved north. and there is nothing else out there. that is the best news. the second piece of good news, the flood warnings are due to expire at 8:30 this evening. the weekend is not going to be perfect. we will see sunshine and warm temperatures. we will wrap it up for you in 20 minutes. we have incredible rain totals to share. >> alright. good news. we continue with the aftermath. after weeks of rain and that
5:32 pm
fairfax station we just showed you, certainly not the only one in need of major repair. >> we're finding out about other storms -- other homes cut off from civilization as well. lisa? >> but yeah i can prove it, leon. if you look to my right, that area floodwaters washed out that entire area, came over here, pushed back the steel guard rail, and the floodwaters were at least a foot higher than i am right now. it was unbelievable. rainfall washed over the roads in fairfax county, but the floods and old neighborhoods hostage. >> it was 30 feet deep, i guess. >> the only way in was washed
5:33 pm
out. >> it was closed. i thought about it -- that was really dangerous. the road could have washed away under us. >> the water twisted the steel guardrails making this entrance a sunken ms. she saw the flooding yesterday afternoon and immediately went to her child for all school. the county did not communicate to the school just how bad things were. >> they had no idea. the buses were not going to get their. they just thought they were running late. i told them, no, there is no getting through. everything is flooded. she picked up her kids and two of their friends and kept them overnight. when she brought them home, they could not believe their eyes. >> it is crazy. >> i was scared i might fall in. >> vdot was concerned with that
5:34 pm
possibility this afternoon bringing in equipment to clear the washed out area. some of the kids did not leave school from 9:00 until 9:30 last night. the water is receding, obviously. that you can see behind me fast- moving areas and it is deceiving. still be very cautious. the ground is saturated. live in vienna, least of fletcher, abc7 news. >> the flooding has just begun a for folks in maryland. this area just below the conowingo damn had to be evacuated. >> they got the worst of it. main street under water, trucks
5:35 pm
submerged. >> when i came out of my house the water was up to here on the. and these two women were swimming behind the. and we got up on land and we were able to come around. i almost waited too long. >> rodney lives in this town house development. he does not know when he will be allowed back in his house. >> they are telling me is five, 6 feet into the garage. if it stays below the grosz it will be salvageable -- but -- if it stays below the the raj it will be salvageable. -- below the garage. >> the town of buzzes with the sound of generated air. right now there's not much they can do. >> the challenge is the cleanup. >> police and rescue workers are working around the clock
5:36 pm
inspecting comes for damage and checking on the few residents who refused to leave their home. there is no electricity or running water, except this one cafe where the owner is feeding first responders and allowing displaced residents to sleep on the floor. >> this lady just hug everybody she could. >> about a dozen friends stayed at a local high school. officials do not know when all the residents will be allowed back. we would like to thank you for all the pictures you a sense -- you have sent. we received hundreds of photos from the storm. send your photos to iwitness at and remember to stay safe when you take those pictures. >> the sunshine is making this friday evening commute better.
5:37 pm
mike what is the word? >> we still have a lot of secondary roadways blocked in maryland and virginia. give yourself some extra time. in north down to 70 very heavy right now all the way into a clarksburg. there is an accident on the dulles toll road. then you are slow between me 270 spur and college park. traffic between the 270 sput and the dulles toll road. southbound seen delays on 395 south -- seeing delays on 395 south. heavy delays into dale city. dumfries seen delays on and off 610.
5:38 pm
heavy delays beginning at lord road. back to you in the studio. >> ok, have a good weekend. it is back to the future. see how you will be able to own a piece of 1980's history. >> president obama as a plan to put americans back to work, but have some lost hope? i have that story. >> and late breaking developments on the terror threat
5:39 pm
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>> the day after president obama addresses the nation and congress about his plan to create jobs, the president takes his plan on the road. >> that is right. he went to the university of richmond with the plan. this is his first chance to while the country. our correspondent has more. >> president obama laid out his plan to get americans back to work. today, he took a drive down to richmond to find support for his move to drive down the unemployment rate. >> president obama is pulling no punches. >> if you want construction
5:42 pm
workers on the work site, pass this bill. if you what teachers in the classroom, passed this bill. >> trying to drum up support last night, the president followed it up with a call to action at the university of richmond. >> i want you to call, e-mail tweed. >> mr. president obama is calling for to under $2 billion in infrastructure. the other $75 billion would come in tax cuts. >> i need a job and i cannot find one. >> she has been looking for six months. she thinks this latest plan is too little too late. >> i would be trying. >> it is too early to tell whether republicans will get on board. >> he can say whatever he wants. if congress does not take
5:43 pm
action, it does not matter what he lays out. >> it seems like he is trying to get closer to something everybody can agree on. that becomes the challenge. >> gop leaders have signaled there are some points of the planet could get behind. republicans were saying that there were areas both sides could agree on. live in the satellite center, abc7 news. >> alright. coming up next, shots fired and a man dead in all wal-mart store. >> and a photo op that turned into one of the most memorable images of the september 11 attack. back to the classroom.
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>> one image that is linked to 9/11 forever is that scene where president bush got word of the impact. >> we all remember that scene. tonight we got a look at that very same classroom and we reunite some of the students with their teacher, 10 years later.
5:47 pm
>> today they are seniors in high school. they still love their second grade teacher, mrs. daniels. 10 years ago, they were seven years old. on morning that began with excitement and and a sense. >> everyone had their hair done and new clothes. >> the president had come to visit. unbeknownst to them, on a plane had crashed into the world trade center. for the moment, the event continued. but then, in an instant everything changed. the president's chief of staff entered the room and whispered an ominous message to the president. >> a second plane hit the second tower. america is under attack. >> i knew something was wrong. no one interested president, not even in front of a classroom of second graders. >> he looked anxious. >> he left the room. mentally, he was gone. >> the president remains with
5:48 pm
the class. >> i think he was putting the mentality of the students before his own. he did not panic so we would remain,. >> the president went to the next room to be briefed on what was happening. >> he came out of his office, shook my hand, and said he had to leave. >> today we had a national tragedy. >> i got myself together because i had my 16 babies that were waiting and wondering and talking to their teacher. >> it was a lesson and a moment they all shared. ms. daniels and the student's. there is a memorial outside the classroom to recognize this place in history as well. we invite you to join us sunday night for commemoration of the attack. it begins at 7:00 with an abc news special 9/11: 10 years
5:49 pm
later. leon? >> stories like that really bring it back to you. >> absolutely. shots were fired at a wal- mart around 4:00 in the morning. a man and a woman tried to use stolen credit cards at the store. when police arrived, shots were fired. the man died. the woman is now in custody. employees in the store were evacuated. you could call it a blast from the past or a trip back to the future. nike is offering a replica of the chute michael j. fox war in "back to the future ii." all proceeds will go to the michael j. fox foundation for parkinson's research. the auction is september 18. >> can doug look into the
5:50 pm
future? >> hey gordon, what is going on? >> actually i will start with the recent past. we just had a news conference about this possible threats to the d.c. area. we will have a live report. and our abc 7 news crews are tracking the damage caused by the extensive flooding. oh my goodness. look at that. problems for some people are just beginning. that is tonight at 6:00. >> the problems are just beginning for some but at least it is sunny now. >> that helps a little. is improving. >> indeed it is. the sunshine is nice to see. it is stabilizing the atmosphere a little bit. let's look at these amazing numbers from this week's storm. 12.62 inches of rain at woodbridge. over 10 inches at alexandria.
5:51 pm
almost 13 inches of rain registered at northwest i school in germantown. look at these numbers. they are just incredible. we want to get you up-to-date on the tropics. we can do that by watching katia. meanwhile, we're monitoring tropical storm or rea out in the atlantic ocean. -- tropical storm maria out in the atlantic ocean. and then we have nate, and nate in the southern gulf of mexico. is a weak system. it could possibly become a hurricane before making landfall on the mexican coast. we have just a few showers crossing the pennsylvania border and a few popping up across areas of loudon county. we have patchy fog. temperatures in the 60's. we will talk about the weekend
5:52 pm
in detail in a few minutes. >> ok, thank you, doug. each week we will be highlighting high school athletes. this is debuting tonight at 11:30. >> alright. >> starring you? >> and the high school athletes. men among boys. and madeleine -- i imagine someone who could not play a sport he loved. one high school student's dreams finally came true. chia bunny rodriguez -- to bonnie rodriquez. doctors said it was unlikely he would hold onto what was most important, his life. at 7 years old, he was diagnosed with severe a plastic anemia, a
5:53 pm
disease in which bone marrow fails to produce a enough red blood cells. >> we were like, we wish it were cancer instead because it was more well known, more recognizable. >> they could not find a match for a bone marrow transplant so he went to london for alternative treatments. >> the lady said it would not hurt him. i guess i was just so desperate. i said i have to do this. >> doctors still do not know how or why but the treatment worked. >> we know that once upon a time that was not a possibility. so yeah it is incredible. >> now geobotany is not only a senior in high school. -- g. of their -- giovanni is
5:54 pm
not only senior in high school, but he is the starter on the football field. >> wonderful endin
5:55 pm
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>> you can bet no place will be more emotional than ran zero -- thing ground zero in new york city. >> there is so much work to be done in the rebuilding process. we will look at the memorial and the ceremony. >> the focus of this weekend's new york commemoration -- ground zero. the memorial here has been a decade on in the making. >> the purpose of the memorial is to give families a place to grieve, to tell a story. >> the memorial will contain the got enormous pools and footprints where at the twin
5:58 pm
towers once stood. and it be 583 names of those lives lost. >> it is a lot of work, but for the families, it was worth that. >> patricia is a member of one of those families. she was just two years old on 9/11. her mother, moira never came home that day. >> [unintelligible] >> the memorial plaza will be open to the public for the first time september 12. visitors will have to register online at first. abc7 news, new york. >> that is all for us at 5:00. our team coverage continues at 6:00. >> live and in hd, this is abc7 breaking news. >> and we are falling breaking developments -- following
5:59 pm
breaking developments after extensive damage from the storm. this is a video from a short time ago of of flooded buoyed. >> and also dramatic footage of a sink hole. this is on route 3 01. it appears to be getting worse at this hour. they are just guarding cleanup. >> but first the damage to virginia and maryland. >> police were dispatched to six counties in virginia and maryland. we learned a 25-year-old man is the first confirmed death due to the flooding. lawmakers in both states are seeking federal assistance to deal with the damage. we live team coverage tonight. we began with john gonzales. john? >> the damage is

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